At last. Emotional understanding meets artificial intelligence.

Recent advancements in AI through LLM’s (such as ChatGPT) are compelling, but there remains a limit to what they can solve, analyze and manage without human intervention.
This is because being human isn’t simply about comprehension. It’s about understanding each other in nuanced, emotional ways. And building connections, relationships and trust.

At Symanto, we create 
meaningful connections at
scale by humanizing how AI
understands and talks.

We are a global
leader in Human AI

We exist at the cross section of psychology, business analytics and AI.

Our experience and expertise leaves us perfectly placed to create relatable, personalized interactions.

Why us?

Years in business working with Methods, Models, and applied Analytics
Trusted by 100’s of globally recognized clients across industries and regions - recommended by Gartner and winner of multiple awards
Dedicated experts across AI, deep learning, linguistics and psychology
Published research papers, recognized by leading awards. Scientific partner of many prestigious universities in Europe and America.
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GDPR audited and ISO certified

Together, we’re taking the
next step in Generative AI.

The evolution of Generative Artificial
Intelligence lies in enabling computers to connect with people like friends, fostering trust-filled interactions full of emotion, empathy, and understanding.
Our proprietary platform specializes in human language. It understands, filters and generates across industries and languages, and can integrate with all common LLM’s.
Our technology works across two key areas
Analytics and insight
Brand love & loyalty
Consumer motivations
Behavioural segmentation
Market & competition
ESG and growth scans
Interaction and generation
Search & find bots for Corporates
Hyper-personalized assistants (e.g. in-car)
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Virtual contact centres
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Emotional connections
Seamless interactions

Powered by Symanto
A platform that will transform customer interactions in industries including
Consulting & PE
We help our clients make informed decisions, tailor their services, and personalize their automated interactions with customers at scale.

Increase of Brand Love Index
Led to over 30% sales increase

Brand Strategy

+157% digital
sales conversion

AI Enabled Communication

2 new products ​launched with 6 months to market leader position​

Product Development

Identified worries damaging the brand & provided metrics to develop and execute comms strategy

Risk & Sentiment Metrics

+20 points Increase
of Net Promoter Score

NPS / Voice of Customer

Success Stories

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